Name Draft Pillow Cover

I wanted to make a special project out of some green cotton weaving thread I had bought. Now I love the way overshot looks so decided that the best plan for this thread was to make a name draft cloth to cover the pillows on our bed.

“What on earth is a name draft?” I am glad you asked.  It is where you assign each shaft on your loom certain letters of the alphabet and then thread each warp thread on the shaft that matches up with the letters.  Of course as this is an overshot pattern, you do have to add a few extra threads, in order to keep the overshot pattern or it can take a hard left turn and no longer be overshot.

After I worked that all out, I had to then work out a treadling order for it. After fiddling with it for a long time, I ended up with what you see here. I actually am pretty happy with how it came out. Of course my eye does see problems with it but all in all a great first name draft.

Name Draft that says "Mark and Julia"

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