Lee’s Surrender

I absolutely love history.

I absolutely love weaving.

I absolutely love overshot.

So what fun could I have combining my loves?

I took The Best of Weaver’s: Overshot is Hot! and decided to give a try at the miniature of Lee’s Surrender last year. This is an old pattern that is for a coverlet, but this article has reduced it to a smaller scale so it was easier to use for something only scarf size. I had some 10/2 dark blue cotton and some beautiful space-dyed 8/2 cotton. So taking the two and using the blue for warp and the space-dyed for pattern weft, I was off with a beautiful combination of pattern and color.

Miniature Lee's Surrender

I will admit it is still in its just off the loom state. I need to fix up the ends nicely and decide what to do with it but I still love to take it out and just stare at the color and pattern.

Close up view

This was my second attempt at overshot and I am getting better with each warp I put on the loom.

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2 thoughts on “Lee’s Surrender

  1. I love the Lee’s Surrender Pattern. I’ve been trying to locate a reliable source for the history of the pattern, and it is a difficult task! If anyone has a good source for the history, one that goes beyond conjecture and speculation, please tell me:)
    I love that you made a miniature of it, and would like to do likewise. This is very beautiful, including each “creative happenstance” which makes it uniquely you! Congratulations on a beautiful job well done.


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