My very first weaving

This summer has been a bit slow for me from the standpoint of having surgery and not being able to weave. So as I want this to be an account of my weaving (for me especially), I decided to go ahead and post my very first woven piece. Now this was done on a cobbled together rigid heddle loom that didn’t really roll up at all so you more or less wove just the width that was between the two ends as long as you could lift and lower the reed. Despite or maybe because of its difficulties I made two pieces on it that can be quite workhorse pieces as they are from a thick who knows what it is yarn.

Here is the first one which is just plain weave.

Now for the second one I did do some pickup areas which went pretty well in this case. So this one has a bit of detail to it.

Thankfully when I look at pieces like these, I can see that I have come a long way despite still feeling like a beginner a lot of the time.

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