A Triloom Baby Blanket

My boss’ daughter was having a baby so I decided that I wanted to make her a baby blanket and learned quite a bit doing it. I like doing baby blankets on the triloom where you then do two triangles and then down their long sides you can hook them together to make a square.

For this blanket I wanted to make it out of wool but washable so got some superwash wool and learned then how much it takes and how expensive it can be. I loved the two colors that I found that were a maroon and a green. I wove the two together and you will see what I learned and should have known ahead of time. But they were wonderful to work with, and I do love the colors.

I then got to weaving the two panels. Triloom weaving is a continuous thread weaving. You are weaving both the warp and weft at the same time. It goes quite quickly when you first start and have fewer threads to weave over and under but the further you go the longer it takes to make each pass. You start at the bottom nails on each side and go across then move up to the next nail weaving in bottom to top. But there is a plus here. For each pass you get both sides at one time. You see the thread hanging down in the middle. When I draw it up over and under the warp threads and hook it up on the next nails opposite each other at the top then the left side will be done as well as the right side. So you are only weaving it in for half the surface not the whole surface. I know this probably makes no sense and needs more time and space to really show how it works but it is a great way to weave.

When the blanket was done, I had a wonderful soft, washable, wool square. The colors looked great up close and I loved it. But then I learned from experience what happens when colors are mixed together as these two were.

Yes, from a very short distance green and red mixed together makes brown. It is actually fun if you like to play with color and see it up close and then from a few steps back how the color changes to the eye from the maroon and green playing together to just a solid brown color. Thankfully, the gal I gave this to loves it and loves the colors and both forms fit in the baby room. I will add, I made this two years ago and that baby is a very inquisitive 2 year old today.

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