CHH Swatch Swap 2012

The swatch swap this time around went through a few changes including subject and time when it would happen. But in the end there were more participating this time than in the years I have done it before and some fascinating things were presented for all to see.

My history for the swap was a bit of a bumpy road. I knew back at the last one that I had to jump right on it as I was having surgery and no weaving for a time last summer. So I planned and plotted. I bought thread and warped. I wove and watched the beauty come. And then … of all things … the brake on my loom broke and thus ended the weaving for the time being.

Then word came that the swap was being all changed about. AAAGGGGHHH!!!!! (hear a big Charlie Brown cry here) Well, what I was doing wouldn’t fit the new theme. My loom was sitting incapacitated anyway. Would I get to do it or not this year. Being me, my first thought was oh well, we’re sunk. But after some time and fiddling with what I had (wasn’t going to buy all new for another project) I picked Bomber Flight from Weaving Designs by Bertha Gray Hayes.

The reason I picked this one is that I love WWII and the aircraft. Then many of the men in my life are connected with the Air Force. My father, my brother, my two brothers-in-law, my husband, and my father-in-law were or are in the Air Force. So Bomber Flight it was to be. Now my husband was a crew chief on B-52s and so when I suggested doing this in his honor his first statement was, “It looks like a B-17”. (definite inflection of “wrong aircraft”) I told him I knew that as it was designed during WWII and so of course it had the proportions of a B-17 but I would try and remedy that.

So here are my first attempts at this pattern. I had quite a bit of a very light blue 10/2 cotton that I used for the warp and ground and then tried many different threads for the pattern weft.

Some of these obviously didn’t work from the first shuttle throw and were dismissed quickly. Some it took a bit longer to decide that they didn’t work. But in the end I decided that a mix of a black with a dark blue was perfect. As the aircraft itself is a blackish color and the blue for the Air Force. So off we were and weaving. Alas the blue ran out and I ended up using some green with the black as well as a variegated to see what it would do to get enough cloth for the swatch and still keep the best for Mark. The variegated I forgot to add to my list of threads used.

Here is my finished cloth to be used for Mark. I am even playing with making something with lights on it.

Now one of the things I made a decision on, and then change my mind every time I look at it, is what side I like better. Fronts and backs of Overshot patterns are different. And though both are aircraft in look they do differ in shape a bit to the eye. I originally liked Bertha’s back better for a B-52 but now I don’t know which side I prefer.  Next is the back of Bertha’s pattern.

I guess the best part of this is that I did get something done albeit on a table loom. I did get my book of swatches. I did get to see some wonderful pieces that others had done that were absolutely gorgeous.

And here is my sample in my notebook. I got left with one of the variegated ones so obviously the others thought the other colors worked better which of course they were right.

Now to decide what to make with Mark’s fabric and then to move on to my next project.

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5 thoughts on “CHH Swatch Swap 2012

  1. Lilly

    Look beautiful as usual! Great work!


  2. I did a Yahoo search on “Swatch Swap CHH” and your page came up within this result:

    I hadn’t thought about WordPress aggregating tags in this way.


    • That would make tags very important if you want people to find your pages or posts. I just added to some of the tags as I just really figured out the difference between tags and catagories.


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