Accidental Iridescence

Ok, this is going to be about a piece I wove a couple of years ago but the biggest hurdle this morning was just making sure I had spelled “iridescence” correctly. It turned out to not be what I came up with. I actually made it much more involved, something I have a knack of doing in a lot of things in life. So, I think it is spelled correctly now unless Wikipedia also can’t spell.

But back to this piece of cloth. I had bought a self stripping cone of yarn that I loved the colors involved at the CHT conference in 2009 from Tracy Kaestner and the Lone Star Loom Room. I made a warp of it and then tried several different wefts and ideas with it. Interesting tidbits to then expand on.

I won’t include all that came out of that warp at this time, but I did start my weaving by trying short bits of this and that and decided that I would do larger areas of most of this to see how it looked, but I wasn’t awed by the green and dark blue sections but I still thought they warranted a bit more to see what was really up in there.

So I wove a bit more alternating light and dark green, finished the rest of the cloth, cut it off, washed it, cut up the different sections, and when it came to looking at the piece up close and on its own … I discovered that I really loved what happened and so wished I had done more with the green. The finished product was so much prettier than what I saw on the loom.

The play of the light on this piece was just too much fun. I sat and moved it around and let the light fall from different angles and just loved the look of the the piece all around. The warp receded to the background but not so much that you couldn’t tell that there were different colors there. I had to do something with this little piece of cloth. It couldn’t just sit on a shelf being too little to amount to anything.

So I went in search of something that needed it. Now I had a CD and book set that needed kept together. This became the perfect job for this bit of fabric. I made a pouch and inserted the set and now they never get lost from one another.

I won’t say that I understand what is involved in iridescence or that I could actually plan a project on purpose, but I do dearly love this little bit of fabric that I accidentally created one day on my own.

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One thought on “Accidental Iridescence

  1. ammann58

    It is amazing the surprises that we find in the midst of our experiments.


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