Cummins Historical Note

Now I love history and of course with that comes the love of finding your own family history and what made you – YOU. It is kind of nice to be able to blame great grandfathers and such for some of your worse characteristics though that doesn’t give us any excuse not to correct those ingrained behaviors. Now since I learned to weave and spin, I have loved finding tidbits of both in my family history.

My maiden name is Cummins and I come from a proud lot. We go back to a Daniel Cummins who died in Chatham County, North Carolina in 1819. Now anything about Daniel aside of his probate record, a couple of deeds, one tax record, and one census record, is not known except that he left behind a wife and children amongst them my 3 great grandfather John.

Now for the fun here. In Daniel’s probate inventory are listed amongst the items “1 Loom and gears” “2 Cotten wheels” and “2 pare Cotten Cards”.

Loom and gears, cotton wheels, cotton cards

Next comes the sale of Daniel’s effects. The loom and gears sold for 50 cents, the 2 cotten wheels for $2.50 and the 2 cotten cards for $1.They were all bought back by Dolly (Dorothy Copeland Cummins), Daniel’s wife. Interesting note – the loom and gears were worth the same as one pair of cotton cards. I wonder if cards were as precious in North Carolina in 1819 as they were to become during the Civil War in the South and especially in Texas where I’ve found several references about this?

Dolly bought them each back

The next bit I find interesting in the set of accounts is that there was then a committee set up to apportion to Dolly and the children a years worth of supplies. These supplies included for food items corn, pork, sugar, coffee, and salt, Then is listed 200 lbs. of seed cotton and 10 lbs of clean flax.


It is obvious to me that Dolly and the girls were providing the family’s textile needs. I would love to know how long this continued and whether or not they continued this when they moved to Indiana. Alas and alack is that information still to be found somewhere or lost in time?

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4 thoughts on “Cummins Historical Note

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  2. Angela Parroty

    Will you please send me copy of any information you have on Daniel and Dolly Cummins? Thanks


    • Can you tell me how you are related. What interest you have in the family. I would appreciate that before just sending out a bunch of information.


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