Alpaca where have you been all my Life?

Last month four members of Tall Pines Weavers and Spinners took a trip to Little Piece of Heaven Alpacas near Navasota, Texas. We had a great time meeting the alpaca and visiting with the owners.

Now I will tell you that I would be on a farm in the country yesterday if it were possible so I had a great time out with the animals, breathing the great country air, enjoying the peace, wishing I could live there, wishing ….

The next day all the alpaca got a haircut, and I went back last Saturday and bought some fiber for myself and two other guild members. Now I own a bit of Grace (above) and had the joy over the past two evening of picking over her fiber and enjoying the fluffs of clouds I had after pulling out trash and dust from it.

Then there is Starry Knight. He is the youngster in the top picture so young and full of life. He loved being petted and always wanted someone to play with him. His fiber (above) is such a soft heavenly feeling. Just touching it makes one think they have managed to reach the highest mountain top.

Even Sam can’t keep his nose out of Starry Knight. He is forever coming for a good sniff. For all the fiber that has come into this house over the last few years, this is the first that Sam and Mattie are remotely interested in. Their noses sure love a good whiff of alpaca.

Galaxy alas was the star of the show when it came to micron count.  Galaxy made my heart melt. He and I almost became touching friends on the first visit. He was leery of letting anyone get too near, but he started taking a bit longer to move away from me. But now I can enjoy his silky, creamy, soft fiber all I want – his fiber came back with a micron count of 21.4. I think it is the most wonderful I have ever gotten my hands on yet.

So soon I will be spinning me some alpaca with the hopes of weaving all three colors that I bought (which I might add was a lot more than I had planned to buy but well it was me doing the math, and it was yummy, and well no one said stop except the amount of cash in my wallet…) into a shawl or lap blanket (depending on how far it goes).

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