Flag Cover

I’ve been waiting a bit too long for the perfect addition here and as it didn’t happen, I am now adding my latest quickie job. This was a case of a job needing something done for a long time and tonight – I finally did it.

We have a flag that gets hung out for holidays but alas it stands in the corner of the breakfast area the rest of the year. We have talked of a cover being needed for it, but I just never got around to it.

Tonight I went to my stash of handwovens and dug through them and found the perfect one for the job. Alas it was too short. So went back again and found a piece that had tried to be something else once – alas that failed and so was back on the shelf. Tonight it got pulled out and it was perfect for length (just had to cut of a little bit), perfect for width, and even had a fringe for the bottom.

color and weave failure but still good cloth

Yes, this is one of my first tries at color and weave and obviously despite the fact that the two colors were beautiful sitting beside each other on the shelf they muddled together – beautifully, but alas still muddled for something that was to be color and weave pattern.

fringe on failed color and weave

Of course getting a long picture of this was fruitless as it would be very narrow and at a distance. And, I wrote that like I would already know that and not even try. Alas and alack, that is not the case, I did try and didn’t like any of the pictures. So here you get an up close view of the fabric that is in a very soft wool silk mix.

Only the best for the American flag!

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