Mark’s Bomber Gift

It seems like ages ago that I wove Bomber Flight from Weaving Designs by Bertha Gray Hayes. As stated in an earlier post this was for a swatch swap but the idea was to use the cloth for a gift for my husband who worked on B52s while he was in the Air Force.

OK, I know this has taken way too long  but as his birthday was this week, I decided that it was time to make something out of this swatch. I muddled through a muddled brain and after starting at wanting to make something to hold something small that I didn’t know the size (yes my brain can be that simple). I moved on and came to the idea to make a old fashion wallet but out of this cloth.

The wallet closed

I forgot to look at the two sides (which are very different) to decide which should be outside. I just decided how it should be made and started sewing. I rolled under the two ends and sewed them up and then decided that I wanted it to completely overlap so decided how far up to sew the sides and sewed them flat. Then I did a fancy seam over that for reinforcement and also a little designer touch. Alas and alack the blue thread blended in so well that you can’t see the designer touch, but anyway it should have sturdy seams.

I was then at a straight betwixt two as to what kind of closure I wanted on it. Now this is my first big advice. This is a decision that should be made before sewing. I decided that it would just be too cool if it had two magnetic closures on it. So off I went to find some. Alas they aren’t as easy to find nor when I found them as small and easy to use as I had imagined. Totally would be a pain to add as it really should have been sewed differently to look best. But anyway, I bought some and also some large snaps.

I then gave the wallet to Mark for his birthday and asked him how he would like it to close. (My brain had mushed by this time. Too many decisions.) He decided that he would prefer the snaps and he would like three across. So that evening he got his three snaps across. I (not being a perfectionist and having a hard time getting things just right) was impressed with the snaps as I got them all lined up perfectly. It came out rather great in my book.

How it is inside

So now Mark has a wallet to put in small things the next time he takes a trip. And as to which side should have been outside? I asked him which he liked better, and he decided on the side that was outside. Whew! That is good news.

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2 thoughts on “Mark’s Bomber Gift

  1. That is just lovely! 🙂


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