A Forgotten Belt – Found

Don’t you love surprises that make it feel like Christmas any time of the year? Well, that is what happened this past week for me. I have a drawer with  shawls that I pull out on Sunday’s to wear in a way too cold church for me. (In fact I almost died last Sunday – well, I felt like I just might freeze to death and get a massive cold off the cold air blowing around.) Anyway, this past week I happened to think that this drawer had more than shawls in it and started digging. That is when I found this forgotten piece of weaving.

Maroon inkle belt with pick up

I made it when I was playing with the inkle loom more than I have lately, and it was a success. Not all my pick up back then looks this good. But anyway, I made it to wear with a dress, but I seldom wear the dress out of the house, so seldom wore the belt, so seldom remember it is hiding away.

Now I need to find a new outfit to wear it with and I think I know what I will try it with first.

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