Pioneer Day 2012

If there is one thing I love, it is being in nature in the quiet of morning. Though it isn’t always so quiet, but the noise is so natural and belonging. Not man made. (Thankfully the airplanes waited till later to disrupt the stillness.)

Last Friday I headed out to Jesse Jones Park for Pioneer Day. I get all set up on Friday and then enjoy the evening around the campfire with friends, sleep in the cabin, then get up way early and just enjoy the sunrise and morning. This particular time the birds were quite active. I even recorded some of the sounds as there were so many.

Not early morning but late afternoon in the homestead

Saturday I got to spin quite a bit on my great wheel that Mark built for me. It went well, and I was quite happy with what I accomplished despite the missing piece on the bottom of the wheel post that caused it to swivel.

The sun was directly on our site the whole day. I was so thankful for my hat.

So not a bad days worth of spinning and talking to people about spinning and history of it from the Middle Ages to 1830s Texas. The cabinet has handspun and handwoven items in it to show those who are interested in more than watching.

Winding on

I didn’t get to do a lot of the history this time which is my favorite part of these days but who can complain if they have a full spindle at the end. If you’ve never been to the park for the big events you are missing a great time.

One last picture. This is what you do a lot of while spinning on a hot day. Sweaty hands and cotton just don’t go together well so the need to dry your hands on your apron frequently.

Sweaty hands and cotton don’t mix very well while spinning.

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