A Star in the East

I bought some shiny Christmas ribbon and decided to make a triaxial star with it. In the end I didn’t have enough ribbon to weave a large piece but did have enough to drive myself totally nuts doing this little project. I wanted to do the star pattern again as I did before in the second piece at CHT Art Camp. But being me I wanted to see what would happen if I tried to do it with three colors instead of two. Now that was a nigh to impossible feat to make it come round looking well. Not only that but also when you are designing these it is with color pencils on paper. So this poor brain has to keep track of which little shapes are going in which direction and are part of which row. And then which color they are as well. After quite a bit of fiddling, I did get a relative pattern with a solid color star in the center and two color stars around it. With the third color surrounding each star.

Triaxial 3 color star pattern

Triaxial 3 color star pattern

Now as I drew the pattern each of the stars around the green star should have been 4 points of one color and 2 points of the second color. Alas and alack the two stars on each side of the green one turned out that way but the ones at the top and bottom are three and three. Not sure yet if that is just the nature of the beast or if there still is a mistake in there compared to my drawing.

Another reason this was difficult was that this ribbon was so shiny and glittery that when it was laying together in its layers, you could not see what went where. There were no shadows or mountains. You had to constantly fiddle with it to see what was where and what was next. I really am hoping that is the reason that the top and bottom stars are three and three as opposed to four and two.

It really is a cute little piece. Inch wide ribbon that made about a 7 inch square.  I am going to try it again with some gold, silver, and shiny milky color ribbon that I have and see what will come of it.

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