Demo Shawl Completed

This past year we had a meeting at Tall Pines on Triloom weaving. For the meeting I took my triloom and some acrylic yarn I had bought several years back and let people have a try at weaving on a triloom. After the meeting was over, I went ahead and completed the shawl with what yarn there was. It didn’t take long to run out of the two colored yarn so I completed the shawl with the matching grey yarn.

Completed shawl as it came off the loom

Completed shawl as it came off the loom

Alas as you can see the shawl just kind of looks forlorn in its finished state. It was so lacking something. Now I hadn’t created borders on my shawls yet as a lot of my triloom weaving went into looping two together and making blankets. But… This one cried out for something else. I did still have some of the grey yarn so decided that this one needed a crocheted edging. Found a hook and started the long row around of single crochet but I put two in each spot of the weaving. Then after that was completed I added a second row of double crochet again doubling up all around which gave it a strong ruffly border to the whole shawl. Now I think it looks quite pretty and complete. Thankfully the rest of the yarn made it around with just a bit left over.

Shawl with completed ruffle

Shawl with completed ruffle

So much in life just needs a good border and boundary to make it so much better. Now despite the fact that I do like the looks of the shawl now, I have quite become a fiber snob and acrylic is just not there for me so will have to find a good use for this shawl where it will be appreciated.

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