A Star in the East Second Act

So I made my Star in the East with the Christmas ribbon and though I loved the little piece, I knew there were troubles with its execution and so wanted to try the same idea once again.

So I had some pretty pink, purple, and very light lavender ribbon. I plotted it out on paper. Now someone has to come up with a way to plot out a three layer weaving that easily shows which layer and direction each ribbon is going and which is on top and under. Alas, that hasn’t been invented yet, but thankfully I do have graph paper that we received at the workshop. I came up with a way to use a color pencil for each color.

Drafting out the pattern in color pencils.

Drafting out the pattern in color pencils.

In doing this, I learned that I did make a mistake on Star in the East and that all the stars that were two colors, should be 4 of one color and 2 of the other. Star in the East had some that were 3 and 3. So I fiddled and fiddled and decided that the lightest color would surround the stars and the stars would then be the pink and purple ribbon. When I started weaving I still didn’t know how the whole of it would turn out but did know what should happen within a circle of the center solid star.

First layer

First layer

So the first layer is pinned in place and now to see what would happen with the second layer. Thankfully this time despite being shiny ribbon it rolled enough to show shadows and was easy to see between the ribbons and the layers.

Second layer going in.

Second layer going in.

So what I know now is that the lightest color is crossing itself properly, which I knew it needed to do from the original star pattern I did in class. So here’s fingers crossed that it will still continue to look good with all this work.

Third layer going in and I like it.

Third layer going in and I like it.

Yeah! The third layer is going in place and looks good. We are alternating solid color stars with the two colored stars. So there will be solid stars scattered about. I was happy this was happening despite my brain not getting there with the draft on paper. Now to see what happens as we add more rows to the third layer.

The completed piece.

The completed piece.

So we have solid stars surrounded by two color stars that actually rotate as to where the 4 and then the 2 colors are in each. it rather reminds me of a clock in a sense as they rotate around the solid stars, or maybe a compass. But that aside, you do see that something else happened here. This was cheap ribbon I got on sale in packets of 4. When I went to iron on the backing to hold it all together, I almost died as it started shriveling up, melting as it were before my eyes. But as nothing is ever a disaster unless totally not salvageable, I immediately started to see if I could get it all to shrivel up the same all over. I fairly succeeded at that and actually love the look of it in the end.

It may even look better for the texture that it now has.

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One thought on “A Star in the East Second Act

  1. Very pretty. Your opps, become a nice design element.thanks for sharing.


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