Weave the Town Red

We have come to another Swatch Swap and I have had this piece done for some time so here at last it is. Well, here it is anyway. Not that it really is a “Wow, I get to post this marvelous piece finally!” You see, I didn’t like it to start with and I’m still not in love with it at all. So on with the back story.

The theme was red for the 2013 swatch swap and I had a cone of red cotton that I didn’t like. I bought it as a Christmas red but it is way too orangey for Christmas. So it languished on my shelf. Then this came up and it was “Ah, a bunch of unsuspecting ladies can now have my ugly red.”

My swatch for Weave the Town Red

My swatch for Weave the Town Red

Since my loom was having its brake issues, I decided to try a lace weave. Alas there aren’t many that can be done on a counterbalance loom. But in searching, I found one and then another. They were similar but I chose the one with square blocks. Wound on a warp and had at it. Wove off the complete red cone so that not a drop of it is left except thrums which being me, end up in a basket for reincarnation in some form some day.

The solid red piece with no mistakes in it.

A solid red piece with no mistakes in it.

What I discovered when I took this off the loom and washed it was a) I couldn’t see the pattern on the loom b) I worked very careful to keep the pattern correct and c) after it washed and settled in there were several mistakes. I had tried carefully to keep up with the pattern but there were a few spots where things got out of hand. Oops. So it was cut around those for the swatches and I still had a descent piece to keep or give away.

So weaving along, I ran out of the red, and it was try some green and pink time.

Green cotton added to the red warp.

Green cotton added to the red warp.

OK, the above piece I have started hemming and haven’t finished. Things to be added to the to do list. But with the green weft, I could now see the pattern develop and keep on track. I even had the pattern memorized and could just look at the loom and know what was the next pick. Still though not in love at all with it.

Green rayon for the weft.

Green rayon for the weft.

So grabbed some green rayon and tried it. It gave the piece a sheen and a nice hand as well but still the color? Yikes. not in love at all. But I do like the feel of this one.

Pink weft used.

Pink weft

I’m sorry but this one just doesn’t do it at all. It is a very heavy piece to see and feel. So another fail on the warp.

Piece with fringed edges.

Piece with fringed edges.

Now this wasn’t too bad and did end up as a gift. I even used my fringer for the first time which was sad since I have had it for so long and had yet to use it. And yes I’m sure some of your eyes immediately went to the those bottom two twists that are shorter than the rest.

All in all it is done. I did go outside my comfort zone and tried a lace weave. I did get some practice at weaving under less tension and less pressure on the beater. So it was good practice time. But I do promise my next piece will be much better.

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3 thoughts on “Weave the Town Red

  1. Ooh, I love swatch swap and hearing all the stories about the weaving of them. Thanks for sharing your story. I like the one with the pink weft and the one you made into a placemat.


  2. It’s interesting how different the structure looks when different yarns and colors are used.


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