An Early Handspun Shawl

Crochet Along Shawl

Crochet Along Shawl

I just saw this picture and was having flashbacks to my early days learning to spin. I had acquired some blue faced leicester wool and it was the first that I could spin easily and was proud of what was coming off my spindle. This was before I got my spinning wheel so it was all done on a Bosworth drop spindle.

About this same time on one of the spinning Yahoo groups there was CAL started. I had never heard of such a thing nor participated in one which I guess if you had never heard of it before then odds on you never participated either. So anyway, several years ago I joined in and you would get some sheets of choices to make while crocheting your shawl every so many weeks. You then began at the neck which was nice as there was no long chains to start out. I never can get the count right on a chain. Involves too many numbers. I know, I know, not really; but it can be too many to keep count if you are as number challenged as I am.

So as you crocheted away you never knew for sure what your shawl was going to look like as each time you got four choices and you would pick one and start crocheting. Then when you got a new set of four choices you got something different going on with your shawl. Now I will admit that my crocheting is pretty basic and there were some stitches in the patterns I chose that got simplified as I just couldn’t seem to make them work. But all in all I did enjoy crocheting the shawl and spinning the wool.

Now I gave this shawl to my sister for the simple reason that she never got a shawl from me in our deep dark past. One Christmas we had agreed to make each other a gift. She embroidered a scene of Washington Crossing the Delaware for me. She did finish it eventually, and I got it as it was when finished. It still sits with some of my work of finished projects that never became anything. Alas for her, I never finished that shawl. I remember the bulky yellow acrylic yarn that it was too be and I can see it a bit in my mind’s eye. Alas it languished all the way to oblivion.

So the Christmas after this was completed I gave it to her as her very belated shawl. She alas, never remembered our agreement so many Christmas’s past but was thankful for the shawl none the less. She now uses it in her fourth grade class when they learn about home production and what our forefathers had to do for themselves.

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2 thoughts on “An Early Handspun Shawl

  1. Carl & Janelle Moore

    I also use it to keep me warm when sitting to read on cool winter evenings. I love it!!



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