Houston Livestock Show 2013

I know we all have our favorite activities and fun with fiber and fiber animals. Last Saturday was one of those days for me. Now I will be honest and say that the only reason I volunteered to demonstrate for CHH at the Livestock Show in the afternoon was so that I could have the free entrance and free parking and go see the alpacas in the morning. I had volunteered on Wednesday before so this was my first year to actually help out two days during the three weeks.

Newborn heifer

Newborn heifer

One bit of excitement for me was that as soon as we arrived and stashed stuff at the demonstrating station we went to look at the newborns and at that moment a new heifer was trying to come into the world. There was such a crowd around the pen that holding my camera high I did get an actual picture of the mom’s back but couldn’t see more. So we were left to watch the birth on the big screens. It was an added bonus to the day.

I got to get in the pen with Starry Knight and Galaxy.

I got to get in the pen with Starry Knight and Galaxy.

Then on to what I really was there for. I have mentioned before about getting to go to Little Piece of Heaven Alpacas last year. I fell madly in love with the wooly creatures and especially two that are in the pictures on Alpaca Where Have You Been All My Life. I was excited to once again get to see my two favorites at the show. So off three of us went to search the alpaca area for “my babies”.

We found them and had a wonderful time talking with Leon and Pat and learning even more about alpacas and the show. We were even in time for Galaxy’s turn in the ring so hung around to see him show his stuff.

Galaxy in the ring

Galaxy in the ring

There is a llama class being judged in the background which was interesting as well to compare the differences in the way they handle the two very different but yet very much the same animal type. Galaxy did behave quite well out there in the noise and crowd and came home with a fourth place ribbon.

Getting to have a moment with Galaxy

Getting to have a moment with Galaxy

Shearing time is in two weeks. Yeah! and I hope everyone knows that I get first dibs on Galaxy and Starry Knights fiber. Ok, so I may share but …..

Oh and a bit of humor at the end of this. Star & Galaxy did know that there was a female in the pen behind them. I loved this moment of Star trying to see if he could get a closer look at her. Of course the picture isn’t as good as having been there.

Star trying to visit the neighbor. Head under the bottom rail.

Star trying to visit the neighbor. Head under the bottom rail.

And yes we did do our three and half hours of showing people how wonderful it is to work with fiber. I didn’t get a picture of myself weaving but did get one of Jane spinning and talking to people.

Jane spinning for the crowd.

What a fun day!



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2 thoughts on “Houston Livestock Show 2013

  1. Thanks for sharing your warm & fuzzy day- looks fun!


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