Baby Triaxial

Baby Triaxial

Click on picture and the larger version looks much clearer.

I just had to add this one as I finished weaving it yesterday. I had some ribbon I bought for a really great price – which of course meant it wasn’t the best for weaving but we wanted to try. So it wasn’t the easiest weaving, but I do like the colors and the ribs. I may have to find better quality that I can play with that has ribs as I liked how it gave direction to the sides of the cubes.

I always thought of these colors as baby colors and was going to do a pink and multicolored one and then a blue and multicolored one. Alas there wasn’t enough of the solid colors to do that so it was all three in one. As I was weaving Mark commented that it was pretty and looked very Eastery. His mother also agreed. So is it Baby or is it Easter? I don’t know now, but it does have a soft peaceful feel.


Stronger hue or tone to colors. I never seem to be able to sort those two in my head.

Stronger hue or tone. I never seem to be able to sort those two in my head. But I love this look.

Another side note. As I was taking pictures and changing the settings, I got this awesome sharp picture. I think it the best alas and alack the colors are no where true to reality at all. But I love the strong colors that show here. Hmmm… Could I find ribbon that would match these colors and make one with them? It would be down right pretty.

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2 thoughts on “Baby Triaxial

  1. Lou Caldwell

    I love the effect created by the ribbing. Very nice.


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