Carding Alpaca

I have been battling a warp on my loom. Can I say that I have ten broken warp threads and it has been days since I looked at them? I know I need to sort and finish or salvage it, but can it wait till I don’t want to shoot it any more?

So in the meantime between other projects as well, I have been carding the alpaca fiber I have. (Other alpaca posts are here and here.) I joined a few others in an alpaca farm day again and bought quite a bit of Starry Knight and Galaxy’s fiber. They are so wondrous to run ones hand through.

Starry Knight's carded, spun, and plied yarn.

Starry Knight’s carded, spun, and plied yarn.

I had my handcards busy as I carded Star’s wonderfully soft fiber. It takes quite a bit of time to do it by hand, but I did get a bit done and then spun it on my Bosworth spindle. After two spindle fulls, I slid them onto straws and inserted them into holes in my handy shoebox lazy kate. Then I plied them and pushed it off onto a straw as well. I think it came out rather nice for someone who isn’t great at spinning.

I now have a small basket of more carded and ready to spin up another spindle full to ply with the left hand straw and add to my yarn.

Galaxy's drum carded clouds.

Galaxy’s drum carded clouds.

After starting on Star’s fiber, I was able to obtain the guild’s (Tall Pines Spinners and Weavers) drum carder. Now me and this carder have tried to become friends before with very poor results but in the interest of speed, I vowed to try it again and see if we could come to an understanding.

We actually are getting better though I’m sure a true spinner and carder would gasp at how sad they really look but so far I think I’m getting better and learning as I go. There is lots to go and as soon as I finish spinning up some Shetland that I have for another project Galaxy will take his turn on the spinning wheel and hopefully soon, I will have a bit of yarn to weave into an alpaca ruana.



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