Ike Shawl

I have just returned from the Contemporary Handweavers of Texas Conference which was held in the Dallas area this past week. I would have loved to have made it up for pre-conference sessions but alas and alack – I work. But as soon as we were all out of work on Thursday three of us headed up for a very busy three days.

Alas that has nothing to do with my Ike Shawl. But as I am flowing with fibery vibes and imagination and wanting to complete, make, create, do …. I decided that included a post here and as the one I want to do would be a bit longer and need more pictures taken (and yes the camera battery is dying), I decided to write today about this shawl.

Red and Green Ike Shawl

Red and Green Ike Shawl

My husband is from the Houston area and we met in Germany. But after a stint living in England, he was bound to come home. So it was back to Houston he came in 2003. So in the ten years we have been here, I have been introduced twice to what hurricanes are like. (I come from the edge of tornado alley so am familiar with natural disasters but on a different scale than hurricanes.)

When we were preparing for Ike to make his landing in 2008, I decided to have a project in waiting to start when the power went out. So having discovered a pattern for doing log cabin on a triloom and having some acrylic yarn that was years if not decades old. I decided that these forces together would make a good practice run at log cabin on the triloom.

So the loom was set in the living room, yarns at the ready, Ike hit, the power went out. Actually that is backwards. Our power always goes out before the hurricane or storm actually hits. The power went out and I started on the shawl.

It was an interesting project that I learned too late to knot the fringe in tighter. So after it was done, it sat for some time before I finished redoing the fringe and it is done. Not that I will ever use it, but it did take on the name of The Ike Shawl from my mother-in-law.

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