First Warp, Green Towels

To learn how to use my new-to-me loom, I put on a long green warp and then fiddled with different weaves on it. I started with some pretty nasty yarns (nice yarn but with this warp – yikes) first that just didn’t look good at all with it. Then I pulled out a cone of spaced dyed yarn that I had bought several years ago. It was the perfect match for the green of the warp. So away we went.

twill towel

twill towel

This towel I just wove with a twill, but to switch things up I got this great idea to switch the angle of the twill using a Fibonacci sequence. If you want to drive yourself insane, I highly recommend this activity. Lesson learned is that although it did give it a bit of a random switch back and forth. The lower numbers were not good to use. If I ever have an insane moment again, I will start with the number 8 or thereabouts. Starting with 1 and using 2 and 3 are only bound to make you doubt yourself.

I first wound a multitude of bobbins (so it seemed but alas and alack I do not have a multitude so it really wasn’t) and kept them in order so that as I wove, the repeat of the pattern in the yarn would be kept and it would have a semblance of a set pattern. This towel showed it off well.

Closeup of towel one

Closeup of towel one

I really love how the colors repeated in this towel and out of hundreds of pictures I took (OK, that may be evangelistically speaking, but it again seems like it.) this picture actually has the colors the closest to right. They really aren’t quite as washed out as the other picture looks (At least to me who has the towel here beside me in real life.) on the computer screen.

Well, either I or WordPress are having troubles at the moment and the second towel picture won’t load, so I guess we will end with this one towel. I do love this one the best of all that came off this warp.

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One thought on “First Warp, Green Towels

  1. Linda Williams

    Both pictures look great! And so do the towels.


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