OV69 Beaded Edges

I loved the cloth I made when I wove OV69 from Helene Bress’ The Coverlet Book. It had that beauty that anything with a strong red and blue coloring has. It was overshot and I love overshot. I took the pieces of it and hemmed them but that was the end of it and they were put away.

Needless to say, I have been in a beaded edge mood of late and it is a great task to do in the evening. So out came the beads and a piece of OV69 and I designed my own edge for it with two different beads. They are very close in color, one more blue and one more silver, but still so close, but really different in shape and size. One being a very typical rounded bead with hole in center but the other were much smaller and cylindrical in shape.

Beaded edging added to OV69

Beaded edging added to OV69

It came out pretty good in my book though the funny bit was that the first end that I did came out nigh unto perfect. Something to be really proud of. Alas the second end that I attacked came out a bit more wompous. Hmmm…. Not strongly ugly and maybe I am the only one that will really see all that should be better in it but…

Closeup of beading

Closeup of beading


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One thought on “OV69 Beaded Edges

  1. Wow, looks wonderful to me!


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