My First Spinning

I know that if you ask me how I got into spinning and weaving the story you will hear goes like – how my love of history led me out to Jesse Jones Park to the Homestead to see about volunteering and pretending to live in 1820s 1830s Texas. While there I met Jane who asked me what I would like to do. Of course I replied that I wanted to learn all I could about life then. She then turned to me and said, “Would you like to learn to spin and weave?” After the goose bumps rose, I said YES. And as the saying goes – the rest was history. So I started at the park and spinning and weaving.

My early days at JJP

My early days at JJP

But if I were truthful that wasn’t the first. We had lived in England for 5 1/2 years and the month before we moved back to the States, we went over and visited Little Moreton Hall. I had read an article on her when in high school and now was finally going to see her for myself. It is a very crooked building and has been since it was built as the family had a good start on her before learning that great halls were now all the rage and so added one at the top of the house since there was no where else. Alas the foundation wasn’t strong enough for the extra room, and the house has ever since been sliding, sinking, tilting, etc. with each succeeding generation doing what they could to keep her standing.

Little Moreton Hall

Little Moreton Hall

Now my first advice in these events is not to read everything they give you when you first arrive or else you may be purposely breaking the rules. Alas I was too excited with the view to read the back page of the flyer they gave us and missed an important notice.

When we got inside we ooh’d and ahh’d appropriately and took pictures of the shapes in the windows which would make wonder blackwork patterns. Then managed to enter a room over the entrance and there was a gal in period dress spinning away. ( And you wonder why I had such a hard time wrapping my head around a history of less than two hundred years when Mark and I had gotten to the point of only going to places at least 500 years old. Otherwise they were just too new and boring. I’d love to need her dress. Though thankfully Texas history proved to not be too boring.) Well, I have rabbit trailed so back to the story.

A great find in a small room

A great find in a small room

No one else was about and only I was entranced with watching what she was doing. She then invited me over to see what was happening and said that I could have a go at it as well if I desired. Well, she didn’t have to ask twice. She showed me what drafting was and how it all worked.

Learning to draft - though at the time I didn't know that term

Learning to draft – though at the time I didn’t know that term

She then let me have the wool and she treadled the wheel while I drafted and created my first yarn. A very exciting moment.



Alas when all was done she let me take the yarn I had spun and we walked out. As it was a month and I was moving across an ocean that bit of yarn was tossed in a – what am I going to do with you, I have nowhere for you and though it was fun when will I ever get to do that again moment once home. Ah, the bad decisions we make though alas even if I had tried to save it, I probably would never have known the safe place I put it again. But what you see there in my hands was the first.

Now to not reading that back page. It says in big letters not to be missed if you turn it over. NO PICTURES IN THE HOUSE. Oops. Yes Mark did get in trouble right after this for taking a picture but alas it didn’t happen till after we got these of my first spinning experience.

Last note for the WordPress group. Yes, I finally played with watermarks on pictures and though a bit slow on it at first, I did these four pictures and learned a little bit about doing it.

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