Golden Triaxial Card

Just because I haven’t kept my record of what I have done lately like I want to, doesn’t mean I have been sitting on my hands. It just means that the camera and I haven’t been getting it together. We really have a love/hate relationship.

But here is a piece I absolutely love.

While in Hobby Lobby, I bought three ribbon colors that I could not leave on the shelf. I discovered one day that despite the lack of lots of different colors, if you look at ribbon in the wedding aisle, you can get rolls with about twice as much on them for almost the same price as the smaller rolls in the fabric section. Then when ribbon is 50% off… Yes, I now have too much ribbon for the storage and must make more pieces. Well back at the ranch, these three colors screamed at me to become a triaxial piece. Well, they didn’t scream. They were too polite for that, but they reached out in their distinctive way and said, “Make us into something together. We promise you will love us.”

I wish now I had taken a picture of the piece completed but no I cut it up before then but here is the card that came out of that first cutting.

Can't quite decide what to call these colors but isn't it pretty?

Can’t quite decide what to call these colors but isn’t it pretty?

I can’t wait to make more with these ribbons and maybe even buy more if H. L. have them. This is now one of my favorite cards I have made. The paper is a very sparkly gold. Alas as the sun went back and forth playing with the clouds, I didn’t get any pictures that showed it to advantage. Amazing how God created our eyes to see so much and matching it is so hard.

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2 thoughts on “Golden Triaxial Card

  1. WOW! Thats beautiful! Good job!


  2. Linda Williams

    Very Nice!


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