The Way TOO Big Shawl

OK, when my camera and I got together on Friday, I took pictures of several things so that lack of pictures didn’t make this a slow diary of my creations. So here is another one that is a story.

I got some pretty yarn. Ok I did say pretty that pretty much was the end of it as I now know probably why it was on sale as it is pretty but not great to work with. At least not with triloom weaving. Can’t make a russian join to save its life. I had decided on a pattern of repetitions between the different colors that was to be very frequent and have a nice plaid look. Well this yarn refused to allow for easy almost invisible joins to take place. It was frustrating the repeats of color quickly became less and less.

Pink & Purple Shawl

Pink & Purple Shawl

Do you notice something about this shawl? Usually when I use the triloom I end up with a piece that when taken off immediately settles into a size much smaller than the frame. I guess I tend to pull the strands way too tight though I so try not to. Well, this was to be three panels together to make a wonderful perfectly sized shawl. But guess what? You got it. Not a whit of the three shrunk in size when taken off the frame. So once they were all hooked together and a crochet edge crept around the entire piece, I ended up with the mother of all shawls.

Shawl trying to look wonderfully draped.

Shawl trying to look wonderfully draped.

It will wrap three times around me. I can use it like those shawls you see where they do warp around and then tie in front so you don’t loose them while working. I know some ethnic groups (I am thinking Eastern European but don’t remember where I saw it at) knit shawls for that purpose and this so can be done that way.

Tina hunting frogs and anoles.

Tina hunting frogs and anoles.

Now back to my picture efforts which did battle the sun. It was perfect when I started gathering stuff and heading outside but alas the sun did play hide and seek with the clouds that moved in, and so, we also played can we get good light now? All this time Tina ever the Yorkie hunter was out searching for whatever she could find that moves. In the end I think the best picture of the morning was with her.

Tina in her favorite hunting grounds.

Tina in her favorite hunting grounds.

While trying to get pictures of cards I turned and got her in her favorite hunting grounds. She actually has paths back there that she constantly travels when hunting outside.

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