Variations on a Theme

Four cards from the same piece of triaxial weaving

Four cards from the same piece of triaxial weaving

This is the wonderful star pattern I wove when I was learning how to do triaxial weaving. The process and larger piece can be seen on my first triaxial page. I then bought these beautiful cards that has a sparkle to the dark paper and tried to let my creative juices flow.

Now creative juices do often run up against roadblocks in my head and getting out to my hands,  but all in all I was quite happy with each of these.

Full page view

Full page view

This first one I was able to line up and get a large box cut out perfectly. Something that is a rarity. I then centered three stars in it and added a bird in flight through the heavens. It looked lovely so onward we continued.

Ribbon frame

Ribbon frame

Next I made a bit bigger hole than the standard punch and added a ribbon border inside the opening. It Actually came out nice again. Could I be on a role this time?

Ribbon and bow on outside

Ribbon and bow on outside

So now lets make a standard hole and add a ribbon border with a bit of ribbon bow on the outside. I think that for me it came out quite well. It isn’t all pristine but has a handwork look to it.

Shaped opening

Shaped opening

I wish this was a larger punch but que sera to that. Anyway I did find the star fit just inside of it and then I made a border that is subtle around it with the same card. Deciding though that it still needed more, I added the flowers below and well I think it works.

I might add that this was part of that play date with the sun as to whether it wanted to shine for me or play hide and seek with the clouds. This point it was very much hide and seek so the pictures do have a bit of a somber look to them.

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2 thoughts on “Variations on a Theme

  1. Just love these cards


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