A Mistake Becomes a Favorite

This poor card has been languishing wishing that someone would come along and just love it for what it was. Alas what it was was a big mistake on the part of its creator. You see I cut the card, made the fold lines, punched out the opening, attached the bit of triaxial weaving, then proceeded to close up the folded side over the back of the weaving. I made it ever so lovely and alas perfect for a short moment.

Fall is in the air.

Fall is in the air.

Alas when I folded the back of the weaving over I folded the wrong side. I didn’t notice till it was completed.But to open as a proper card the weaving had to be at the bottom of the front. Yikes! What had I done. So it languished in the unloved but can’t get rid of pile.

Then today I looked once more at it and alas and alack there was potential to save the poor thing. I pulled out some flowers I had and then a card and on they got glued. I love it. It just totally revived the sad bit of work. And to top it off you can have lots of fun with the boxes now. As they would seem to be upside down if they were solid colors, the cubes look like they are falling. But if you would like then to look right side up then it is an eye exercise to force the cubes around the center to have both green and orange in them. The concave and convex look of the piece goes all willy nilly on you.

With such a triumph I had to get a picture immediately and post it immediately to this diary so I never forget the almost lost one.

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2 thoughts on “A Mistake Becomes a Favorite

  1. teams96

    Are you selling these cards? They are stunning!


    • I did set up an Etsy shop but haven’t done much with it. Takes a bit to get it going. I am putting things into the Contemporary Handweavers of Houston sale in October. If you are interested in any of the ones you see let me know and we can arrange something. Depending on the time and how really nice they are I’m looking at selling them for $7 – $9 each.


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