TPWS 30th Birthday Cards

For Tall Pines Weavers and Spinners 30th birthday we had a big party at a nice restaurant and lots of things going on so that no one left thinking they had a moment to be bored.

As President I wanted to give the board and those who helped with the party some kind of gift at the party but didn’t have very good ideas that I knew I could make come out very well. In the end I made ten cards. But then alas came the problem of which one to give to whom. So I left them all anonymous as I am not good with words and how many ways could I say – Thank You. So I signed each one and at the party I called names and what they had done for the guild and gave out the envelopes assuring that if anyone wanted to swap they should feel free to swap and get one they liked better.

Guess it was good that I didn’t try to give them out as I thought, as the one person I knew her color preferences received one so totally opposite. I offered a swap to her and she wouldn’t take it for the world. She loved hers.

Anyway I think it went well and they were liked so here is my memory of what I made to give away at the party.

Ten cards for the party

Ten cards for the party

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