Pine Trees Survive Disaster

OK, I said a bit ago I was putting on a warp with my bamboo to make this awesome scarf that I envisioned that was going to have this pine tree motif  along with some flowers on each end. Well, As Robbie said, The best laid plans of mice and men….

The first weaving was a disaster so I resleyed the warp and tried again. It was … well … ok … but wasn’t in the least nice looking. After weaving a bit … as in only 6 inches, I declared it a total disaster and cut it off the loom. The warp is still sitting there waiting on my decision which has been made to take it off and go back to familiar territory and succeed at a piece.

Tall Pines of East Texas with some flowers

Tall Pines of East Texas with some flowers

I did salvage the bit of pine trees that I did get to fairly look like trees and flowers. So since it was such a small bit of fabric, and I can’t throw hardly any tidbits away, and I’ve been making cards of late. I decided to try something new. So this is my first card that is landscape in design. I added a few flowers on the edge. And, you know, I love it. It was a waste of a lot of time trying to get such a tiny piece woven and all I have to show for that whole warp, but I love the card. You can tell that it is suppose to be trees and then maybe I need to tell you above them are flowers. But all in all one of my favorite cards.

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2 thoughts on “Pine Trees Survive Disaster

  1. Jill

    Love this one Julia! If you don’t sell it at CHH I would love to get it from you. I will wait to see if it sells there and then buy it if not.
    Lil’ Sis


  2. Linda Williams

    Looks good to me!


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