Period Dress Project – Part 2

Well you can plan and take so much time getting a warp on the loom. Such a process that while doing it one wonders why they are into this job at all. But after getting the warp on the warp beam, I spent some of Saturday threading the heddles and tying on the front.

The warp on the loom

The warp on the loom

Today I finished tying on and was all excited to start weaving but alas just as I was starting – four weft threads in, I was remembering all those other little jobs – i.e. the biggest one was that I had to change the tie up from the last warp. A major difference. So under the loom I went. Of course I needed the cheat sheet to remember which lamms tied onto which treadles.  Got that straight in my head and it went rather quicker than I thought it would.

The tie up complete

The tie up complete

Then came the scary moment of pulling the anchor pins out of the jacks of the countermarche and seeing if all was well. S-l-o-w-l-y I pulled them out and not a single jack moved. The first time that has happened when I was the one doing it as opposed to getting Mark to help me.

Then in eagerness I started weaving. Back and forth. Then “Oh dear me!” I forgot to check the shed. Something I have learned must be done every time. So we checked it … yippy again. Not a single crossed warp thread. All looked great. Of course this is just a straight twill so if I had messed it up, I should reconsider what I consider fun.

The beginning of actual cloth for me dress

The beginning of actual cloth for me dress

I started weaving plain weave and then switched to twill. I am using a temple to try and get the most perfect cloth I can. Well, still getting it all set and this first bit is a bit of fiddle faddle but am getting on. One of the interesting things is this is my widest cloth that is just for myself – 36 inches wide.Will get my stretching exercise over this 9 yards. Hopefully I won’t get tired of it before the end. Should go quickly and will have a couple extras for the skirt but this first bit will be aside of that.


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2 thoughts on “Period Dress Project – Part 2

  1. Thank you for sharing this project. I wonder how the women who had to weave their own cloth ever found the time in their day to do so?


  2. Depending on how many other jobs they had, they worked into the night. And they didn’t have more than one or two dresses. Depending on how much help they had. It is rather interesting to read the stories and memoirs of those 19th century women here in Texas.


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