Period Dress – Weaving Sleeves

I wanted to keep a great running record of my dress I’m weaving and will be sewing for wearing at period events. Alas, though I have been weaving, keeping the record hasn’t gone so well. All the time I was weaving the skirt panels, I kept trying to remember to take pictures of the bottoms of each panel where I have a stripe going around. Alas and alack, I would only remember when that section of web was wound onto the cloth beam. Yikes! Will I ever get any pictures.

Well, today I was continuing to weave on the sleeves and remembered to take some pictures. 

Striped sleeves for the dress

Striped sleeves for the dress

Now the skirt has a grey, maroon, grey stripes around it near the bottom. Much thicker than the sleeves. Looks pretty good in my book, but of course you will have to take my word on that, as there is still a lot of warp to go and that is all buried on the cloth beam. But I did decide for the sleeves to make inch wide stripes alternating the three colors. Alas as I started it I didn’t care for the two dark colors being together on this part so inserted a white stripe between with the other two alternating. It will be crazy I think on the sleeves but will look good and period I believe.

It is crazy when you have this wonderful idea in your head and hopefully it will come to fruition looking as good. So far I am very happy with the warp and the weaving and it is going fairly fast. Love doing the inch blocks as they seem to go by fast and the inches fall away into completion.

Now if I am completely honest I haven’t come to a conclusion as to how the bodice will be woven. Still debating if it should just be a white weft all the way and match the rest of the skirt, should be striped like the sleeves and then matched up and drive a soul crazy, or if it should have just a couple stripes around the bottom like the skirt does but much thiner. Hmmmm… Still have some time to make the final decision.

I think I’m leaning toward the just a couple stripes around the bottom like the skirt. Sort of like a waistline to the dress. Divider of skirt and bodice.

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