Period Dress – Sleeves Again

I’m sure we all change our minds part way through projects. I’m not the only one – am I? Well I did on my dress so despite the last time I wrote it was about weaving the sleeves on my dress – guess what? That section has now become the bodice of the dress and I am now – well – weaving the sleeves for my dress.

The current sleeves

The current sleeves

I’m sure it doesn’t look much different than the last section of sleeves, but I did make a change. The color stripes are now a half inch wide and the white ones are a bit wider but not by much. That being because when I realized I had gone 4 too many, I didn’t feel like taking it out and so it became the new pattern. I have had a bit of trouble of late with the tension. Though today in advancing the warp I discovered one problem. The tie on cord had broke and twisted the bout around a post. Seems weird that it only is happening now so must have happened after the majority of warp had wound off and it was free to make my life a bit trying. I have fiddled with the tension and things seem to be a bit better all the way across. Now that did have some to do with the change of the bodice and sleeve sections. I did figure that I could work with the slight spots of mishaps on sleeves easier than on the bodice. Also since I changed the size of the stripes, it was apparent that the thinner stripes would look better on the sleeves than the bodice and vice versa for the thicker stripes. At least that is in my head. But best of all look at this last picture.

The end is in sight

The end is in sight

Yes, the end is in sight. The warp is over the back beam. That is also good news as I am running out of all three of the yarns. The grey is out except for a few throws. The maroon has a little bit to go and I have three bobbins of white left. So once I see how far they go – hopefully we will be so near the end to have just a bit of play time. Actually I really think I have enough cloth for the dress woven but one can never be absolutely sure – can they? So on we are pushing and hopefully this weekend this will all go in the wash. Then yikes – the next big step in the dress.

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One thought on “Period Dress – Sleeves Again

  1. It’s always exciting to see the end of the warp coming off the back beam. I’m anxious to see the finished dress.


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