Period Dress – It’s Finished (Step 1 Anyway)

Did I ever expect to see this day? Well it did seem a long way off when this whole project began, but today I wove off the last of the dress warp. Amazing that my thread lasted till just having to force to get a shed to use up as much as possible.

The end of the warp and empty cones

The end of the warp and empty cones

This project used up quite a bit of yarn. I really meant to use up all the maroon and thought it was all on the bobbin, but after I was done I saw there was enough left for a few more passes. So do you go ahead and use it up or just say enough? I decided to say enough. My tension problem was getting worse, and I didn’t feel like messing with advancing the warp again as that would mean fiddling with tension again. Which would mean frustration again. And for what? Probably a bit of cloth I’d never use.

So here it is.

My dress cloth fresh off the loom

My dress cloth fresh off the loom

To the left is a section on skirt that I didn’t get a picture of on the loom. There are three sections like this with this stripe that will be around the skirt near the bottom. In the middle is the sleeve section and on the right is part of the bodice.

The relief I feel is immense until I think about washing and pressing almost nine yards of cloth tomorrow. I really hate pressing fresh woven cloth. So time consuming but so necessary for really nice cloth.

But still – IT IS OFF THE LOOM!!!!

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2 thoughts on “Period Dress – It’s Finished (Step 1 Anyway)

  1. It is beautiful! Congrats on finishing the hard part, now on to the sewing! Can hardly wait to see the finished project.


  2. Linda Williams

    Woohoo! Yay for you! Looking forward to seeing the finished project.


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