CHH Swatch Swap 2014

It was swatch swap time again and needless to say with my dress project, I didn’t come up with anything outstanding for it. I had been looking for inspiration since I’ve known for a year about it but not much was happening and then I got wound up in the dress and swatch swap fell aside though always nagging at the back of my mind.

So one day upon stopping at Yarnorama! in Paige, Texas, I bought a Zoom Loom with Christmas money. A fun little weaving tool that is based on the old WeaveIt looms of the past. I thought it would be great for road trips and times you need a small project. So with some blue yarn with a metallic blue in it and a white yarn with a metallic silver (Oh, I should say the them this year was silver) in it I was able to make several swatches in bits of time I found around my life.

The Zoom Loom and some of the yarns that found their way into swatches.

The Zoom Loom and some of the yarns that found their way into swatches.

Now I wrote on my paper that I went outside the box for this swatch but afterwards thought I should have written I went inside the box as the Zoom Loom comes in a nice little box that is made so that you can carry and keep it in it.

I needed so many swatches for the swap but I did several more swatches than needed as they were all different, except a couple, and some were definitely better than others. So there was a choice for people to choose from.

The Swatches

The Swatches

Now to finish the swatches, I had to make some decisions. Some had a silver cord in them so I left them just as they were. Some were made with thick yarn and were quite sturdy on their own so I didn’t do anything to them either. But some were quite soft and flimsy so I just ironed some and starched some. The different tactile effects of this I rather enjoyed.

Those with more white.

Those with more white.

Out of the whiter ones I loved best the middle and right ones on the bottom row above. The middle was a thinnish silver cord and the white with silver yarn. It had a bit of substance to it and I starched it and it was a nice wafer. The right one was doubled on the yarn and was very firm and sparkly.

Mixed blue, white, silver swatches

Mixed blue, white, silver swatches

I am not a big fan of these swatches, but one thing I learned in playing with the blue and white is that you can get color and weave effects with the Zoom Loom. I did get lots of practice with russian joins with all the color changes, but depending on how many layers you did what color and in what order you could get quite a few different effects.

Now that bottom right one above is a bit sad. My story is that it was a sample to closely tell the difference in having two layers of the silver cord or just one. Alas the true story is that I ran out of the silver making it and so just completed it with the yarn. Though despite being ugly it does show a comparison of the two.

Blue and whites that are darker

Blue and whites that are darker

I did learn quickly that the more blue yarn I used with the white yarn, you totally lost the silver in the blue. Hard to see and if you didn’t know it was there you would probably miss it. Lesson learned there. But as for the look of the two colors together I do like the bottom left one best. The top right I added a few silver beads to but found that not fun nor looking well so quite. The other two top ones are just solid blue squares but one has the white and silver yarn woven around the edge and the other a silver strand around its edge. Needless to say one can tell which one was first and which had a bit of experience behind its weaving.

Playing with thrums, handspun yarns, and a gift store bought yarn.

Playing with thrums, handspun yarns, and a gift store bought yarn.

One I will definitely be playing with again is the top left above. I tied thrums together so that they were long enough and used them for two layers and then two layers of the white and silver yarn. I like that little square immensely. The one next to it is also thrums. The brown and red ones are handspun. That was an experience and worked well. Being though much thicker than the store bought blue and white I had to learn to work to get them in nicely. Obviously, the bottom left one was a first one and needed help. The brown were better and have different thickness in silver cord in them.

This was quite an adventure and learning experience. I really enjoyed the tactile of the heavy starch ones. They lost the soft yarn feel and felt all one solid piece. But the thick ones had a great feel and the softer ones were oh so soft. I did learn that though the thin yarn made for a fast weaving, I really liked the feel of the thicker ones better and that it was worth the extra effort on the last couple of rows.

I don’t like all of these swatches by any means, but I will be making more of my favorites so I can make  something using little squares after what is in the pipeline right now.

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