I wrote I could weave better than I can sew?

Just yesterday I wrote, ” Yes, weaving comes a bit easier for me than sewing. ” Alas but, “Nobody knows the troubles I’ve seen.” Ok so when weaving, a general rule is that most troubles are of your own making but despite so much care on this project – it isn’t going well. My last two projects were a straight twill and plain weave. They went quite well all in all, and I am happy with them. Alas to finish off this warp I wanted something more exciting so decided to go with my favorite (well tied with shadow weave) overshot. So of course there is the threading of the heddles that one must keep in very good order.

Rethreading mistakes in threading.

Rethreading mistakes in threading.

I know this pictures doesn’t say much to most but even with my careful copying out of the pattern in easy to keep track of pairs and sequences I still messed up the left side and had many corrections to make. Adding time to the overall project. Then….

Actually looking good for the border.

Actually looking good for the border.

We are finally weaving and the border is looking good. This is a star pattern and It just fits perfectly in the warp I had already on the loom. I love the color and it will be interesting to see how it looks when wet finished. Then…

How many problems can there be in one picture?

How many problems can there be in one picture?

Thankfully the selvedges don’t show well here but they aren’t going well. Then those two T pins on the left are holding inserted warps for broken ones. And to top that off the note is telling me that I just decided to walk away from it all for the time being and when I return, I still need to take out the lavender at the top as I was using treadle 3 when I suppose to be using treadle 2 for 9 picks. And yes, I realized it when the next set was suppose to be treadle 2 and I went to it and – OH DEAR ME OH MY!!!! So taking out. And if you can tell the selvedges aren’t any better but not worse though with the troubles on the left side not sure it is going to completely recover.

So my prayer now is that when I return in a great state of mind, I will get the rest taken out easily and the weaving next will go smoothly and look lovely. There really isn’t a lot of warp left here. Not like I’m looking at yards of this but I hope I survive it. When I post pictures of the finished shawl (hopefully that is what I’ll have when finished) I will remember the troubles I’ve seen and the triumph over them. Now to move on to planning and getting everything for my corset class. Anyone think that can go better?

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