A First that is a Now

Today I will be at the loom most of it as opposed to the deep cleaning that has been going on around here. The dust bunnies that have been re-homed have had their revenge in the process and my sinus’ and chest are not happy campers today. So no re-homing of dust bunnies today. Any of the still present ones can stay put for the time being.

But as I don’t have great current pictures of a project, I wanted to go to where the current project on the floor loom began.

Back when Jane got me started weaving she gave me some yarn and Marguerite Porter Davidson’s book, and I picked out a herringbone and basket weave stripped pattern to weave. I wove up this long bit of warp in it and then was done and what was I to do with it? I did a table runner out of a bit of it, then placemats, and napkins. Alas as it wasn’t very pretty, it rarely got used.

Table runner and two of the "napkins"

Table runner and two of the “napkins”

Fast forward a few years and my kitchen cloths were worn out and desperately needed to be replaced. Not wanting to spend money on something so menial, I remembered the “napkins” and pulled them out of the drawer and tried them out. I loved them as cloths! I was happy and those couple of dollars were saved.

So a year or maybe a bunch more later, my mind is running while working in the kitchen, and I see the cloth in the light of the window, I really liked the pattern and got to thinking how nice it would be to have the stripes in different colors so they showed more.

The pattern in the window

The pattern in the window

Oh and yes, at first I was rough on these rags (and yes I grew up calling dishcloths rags and try to be more proper at times, but it is still a rag to me) and know what caused so many distresses so quickly. I have remedied that problem but alas they do look well loved and used as a result.

But back to the project, I went to the stash and found enough red and blue to make another warp and some very light sage green I want to try as weft. But alas it is still a work in process so decided to go ahead and remind myself of where this latest project had its roots.

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3 thoughts on “A First that is a Now

  1. Love to hear how ideas for projects are developed. Had allergy problems myself this week but blamed it on a new weather front coming thru.


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