Glittery 7 Colored Triaxial Star

I was in great need of a fairly quick weaving project to feel like I could still accomplish something. So to the triaxial ribbon box I went and dug out these six glittery ribbons and then an iridescenty whitish ribbon. You see I had seen a picture online of a triaxial star pattern in which all six points were a different color and then surrounded by a seventh color. I was so entranced and wanted to copy the idea and see if I could get six colors in there. So I studied the picture and thought I had it figured out.

Alas I did make one miscalculation and when I couldn’t get the third layer to work I dug out my instructions and found I did the second layer wrong – white should cross itself and it wasn’t, naughty white – so pulled it out every strip one at a time and rethreaded it throw. So a bit longer to complete.

First two layers completed correctly

First two layers completed correctly

I really wish I could memorialize this better in picture as it will probably find its home somewhere else but for all the pictures I took, what is on the computer doesn’t show the changes that play with light and color from different directions. This was a fun piece to play with in the light. And the white ribbon would reflect what was going on around it. So much fun if you are easily entertained.

The third layer went in pretty easy. And as the stars started forming up I was excited that I had made it work. You see, in the end it is rather easy to get six different colors in the stars but this brain doesn’t always work well, and I was excited that I did make it work.

The stars forming up

The stars forming up

The one thing I wish to be different is that the darker colors and lighter colors were mixed up instead of beside themselves. The silver, pink, and green need to be interspersed between the blue, red, and brown. I was a bit nervous using the brown as to whether it would look out of place with the others, but it worked fine.

Oh and just the one miscalculation wasn’t the only hold up on this,  I ran out of ribbon before being done so had to go buy more. The first time I have ever bought ribbon at full price. My box is full of half price sale week ribbon. But I needed that bit more hardly a yard of each color and so it was buy more rolls. And the white? Well, yes, I ran out of it by the third layer so used a light pink. It isn’t real noticeable that there are two different colors there as both reflect the others a bit and really aren’t much different.

When it was done and I was ready to stabilize the piece. I turned it over and found the back of the ribbons very interesting in their muted colors. You see, the ribbon is actually (I didn’t realize at first) a bunch of glitter all attached and easily rubbed off. But the base ribbon made a quite interesting piece on its own.

The muted backside

The muted backside

Well it is completed now and ready to be made into a piece that I have in mind. Hopefully I’ll get two good ones out of it. But if you can tell close up there is a bit of it that is out of kilter. Not the whole thing but just a bit. Oh well, I never could do anything perfect. Good thing I’m not a perfectionist or I would totally drive myself insane.

One side left to trim even

One side left to trim even



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3 thoughts on “Glittery 7 Colored Triaxial Star

  1. Pansy

    How pretty, and I like that the back is cubes!


    • If you want to have fun with your eyes, there are cubes in every one of these. But when you plan your colors so that you easily see stars the cubes can be lost in it. But look at this one on the front and focus on where the points of the stars meet each other as opposed to the center of the stars and you will see cubes of different colors. I have seen a six color star one with black as the border around the stars and when I first look at it, I always see cubes first then have to focus on the stars to see them. So even on the back focus at the point where the colors meet and you’ll see the stars. But yes, the cubes seem to jump out more on the back.


  2. Very pretty!


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