A Find While Cleaning Out

OK, so Mark got laid off in June. The Lord was so wonderful to us, and it has been amazing to watch the whole thing play out. How God cares for us and gives us what we need when we do not deserve it, still is a wonder that we even touched on in church this morning. But providentially God had the perfect job for him posted in April and a friend could get him in on it. He interviewed and they really want him. So he starts in August. Alas, it does entail a move which means cleaning out, painting,  fixing those things that have been hanging around forever needing someone to care – eventually. Eventually has come.

In working in the kitchen the box of Volksmarche plates were found in the cabinet over the refrigerator. Now most of these Mark got before I was around to go on volksmarches with him. But in looking through them again, I found one to catch my eye.

Der Weber

Der Weber, Wanderung 1995 in Bockenau

I actually went on this one. A ten kilometer walk. And the “prize” was this plate from their series on crafts. Now if you study that loom too much you may come away as puzzled as I. I don’t think a weaver actually drew it or at least one that cared about it looking like it could actually work. Still an exciting find though.

Now to go get weaving on my own loom as this yardage has to get done before movers come and want to take my loom apart.

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2 thoughts on “A Find While Cleaning Out

  1. Julia, sorry to here about your husband. This has happened to mine 3 times since we were married, but in the end everything as you say works out for the better.even if at the time that may not seem true. Where are you moving to?


    • This is his third lay off since we moved here 11 years ago. So yes, it is getting to feel normal. His new job though is over at Austin. Hopefully we will end up in the country. it actually is good in the sense that I was having a hard time with being inside a ring road of Houston when the Grand Parkway is finished on our side. This far out and a ring road. Yikes. So to the country I finally get to go. Mark would rather stay here as he is a Deer Park boy but will enjoy being out of the city as well.


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