OK, so we are moving to the Austin area. We are caught in a Catch 22 so it feels, between what the Relocation gal wants, the realtor here wants, and what we can do about it all without going insane. So despite movers are to come and pack us out when the time comes it ends up we have to shift, move, “pack” half our stuff ourselves. Or as they would think nothing of – have someone else come in. She wants us to do so much and as Mark says, “with her money or mine?” Well, as it turns out we are getting new carpet upstairs so had to shift, move, “pack” my fiber stuff all off to the garage and dining room – for the time being. So here is why I had to get that last warp off the loom.

Loom in pieces

Loom in pieces

Tonight I did this to my loom. Alas that took a bit out of me and now I am resting. Of course this has been one of those wonderful Gulf Coast Texas days. Sunny, 100F, 10,000% humidity. I have sweat so much and I really hate to sweat. Did I say I hate to sweat? I really miss Arizona on days like this when the sweat would just evaporate the second it comes to the surface. You never feel it. Just remember to drink your water. I have bathed, changed clothes, I don’t know how many times and I’m sitting here all wet yet. But anyway the loom is in pieces and we will see where will be its new home and when the next warp goes on.

That last warp I did get off and it is in a box. I still haven’t washed it yet. I need to take some time with it sometime and document it here but will see when that happens as miles to go before I have that kind of time and room again. It is funny as what I wanted with it didn’t come out the prettiest. I of course being me, ended up doing three shuttles and three different colors alternating every 4 picks for the last part. That slowed me down some for a project that needed done fast but it was the prettiest of the lot. Must get pictures.

Ok one last thought. I had seen how to do a “bulletin board” on my sloping wall and so for not very long had my bulletin board of bookmarks and pictures and whatever hanging over my shelves and table. I really liked it but alas it is no more.

My bulletin board

My bulletin board

Took the picture too quickly before it came down so it is fuzzy but I will remember it.

Side note. The triaxial box is staying out and easily accessed during this upheaval so hopefully I will get to do some weaving along the way.

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6 thoughts on “Change

  1. Hi Julia, I feel for you. We moved 4 times do to the ups and downs of the economy and oil industry. It’s not easy dealing with getting the house sold, organizing for packers (which means you pack to) and finding a new home. Glad you left out your triaxial loom to play with if time allows. Take care.


  2. gwennsgamps

    Seeing your loom in pieces makes me sad. It’s really happening. I hope I get to see it reassembled in a new location?


  3. Oh, Julia, Julia, Julia. Such a lot of work but getting away from this swamp will be worth it. I’m sure you will enjoy Austin. Thank goodness, you held back something to keep your fingers busy weaving.


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