The Bad…

So I finished the Lightening pattern and am feeling real good about my triaxial weaving. Actually I was feeling really too good. I had bought some 1/8 inch ribbon in bright colors and had a great idea to try another pattern in that old set of copied patterns that would just look great so small and neat. Oh, for famous last thoughts!

So Mark’s niece is getting married and his mom calls and tells him that it would be better to go to the wedding shower than the wedding if one were to pick. Actually his niece wants to just elope and be done with it. So I grabbed all the bits to work on this on a flying car trip to Dallas in only a part of a day.

I work away. Love the colors. Takes incredible amount of time with such thin bits.

Thinking all is well and I love the colors

Thinking all is well and I love the colors

So I am loving the colors thinking all is well. Need to get a picture in process. Keep on working.

(Insert Charlie Brown cry here.)

(Insert Charlie Brown cry here.)

I snap another picture in what seems like months later and things just don’t look right so stop to consider it. AAGGGGHHHH!!!!! I went over one under one. I must now pull out all the pink ones and do them again. So starting over on layer two. Alas it is hard work to keep my angles correct and tight. I finally decided to run one green ribbon through (it was going to be accent in the third layer) and see if the angles were ok and workable or not.

(Insert Charlie Brown even louder now.)

(Insert Charlie Brown even louder now.)

The bottom two inches or so were great but the farther north one went it just had to vier further east. Way too far east. Oh dear oh me oh my! I know what must be done but as one who doesn’t like to rip out I fiddled and fiddled. So where did it all end?

The sad pile on its pattern

The sad pile on its pattern

I had an idea to just take out back so far but in the end just pulled every single pin out. Now I don’t like to waste things so they will stay together and next plan is to try them on a much smaller scale. Maybe a 4 x 6 inch rectangle. I still think it will look ever so wonderful but alas I did decide to instead take a break from the bad – in workmanship only, and try something new next. Hopefully the next post will not be a continuation of this saying. I am not even a fan of spaghetti westerns.

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