The Good …

So we are in the midst of this moving thing. The house is on the market and we are hoping to get an offer today or tomorrow from a couple who saw the house on Saturday. So am ready to be done with this.

But as I sit in this very minimalist house, I am learning that I absolutely am not a minimalist. I am going crazy, but I do still have my triaxial stuff within reach and have been playing some with it. I pulled out an old set of sheets for patterns that I had been given.

Pattern instructions

Pattern instructions

They were black and white and basically based on each layer being so many dark or light ribbons repeated. Alas you can’t see the crossovers in these very old copies. So I have been playing with them and then having to remind myself of basics as I keep doing the second row the same. One over. One under. It is really sad when you get almost half done and realize it was suppose to be – Over one. Under two. YIKES! Time to take out and start over.

But here is one pattern I did from those sheets.

One light, one dark in layer one and two

One light, one dark in layer one and two

So some maroon and silver ribbon went to work and a pattern was coming up quite well. That is after the start over on the second layer. But the third layer mixes it up a bit and we get a whole different look than previous patterns I have done.

The third row going in

The third row going in

Here it looks a bit odd and I was keeping fingers crossed that all would come out well.

Fun angle

Fun angle

You now have cubes but so many of them are all one color with just a splash of color here and there.

All woven in

All woven in

I am calling this the Lightening Pattern. Little mini lightening strokes all over.



I actually took a picture of the backside of this one before covering it. Interesting in a weird modernish sort of way. But since I am definitely not modern, it is not really appealing to me.

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2 thoughts on “The Good …

  1. Thank goodness you have something to keep your mind occupied while you wait for the offer. Fingers crossed.


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