… And the Not Ugly

First. Thankfully I did not have to continue with the spaghetti western theme of late. Or did I?

Ok, so I’m showing here what colors I like. The last two that were good are the same colors with just minor adjustments to the pattern. The Good… was the same ribbon but with the silver being more dominate Now the maroon is the more dominate color and the pattern is a bit different.

Finished pattern

Finished pattern

I didn’t notice till later, but with the different ways of looking at these pieces and how the angles can play with ones eyes, this one could also be lightning strokes. A much larger storm than the other piece but still a storm is brewing.

Alas My first impression with this one was that is was rows of open books. Now that may be because most of my books are in boxes and stacked away. For some reason realtors don’t think that having 1500 books stacked around a house and this way and that on shelves is very appealing to many when they come to look at your house. (She even had the audacity to try and convince me to take most of them to the library and donate them. Ok, as my husband would agree with her a few have departed the premises but not near what either could wish.) So anyway I am having a great lack of just seeing books around me right now. Not to say that last night I kept wanting to turn around while sitting here and grab a book off a shelf. I could have gotten it blindfolded but alas there was nothing there.

But back to the piece. It really has a lot of different looks from different angles and light. Alas, my camera and I just couldn’t replicate them in 2D as opposed to what I was seeing in reality.

Another angle

Another angle

In the low light of late evening one would never guess it was the same piece. But again the picture just doesn’t do it justice but to remember the fun of it, here it is in poor replica.

Low light interesting pattern

Low light interesting pattern

It really had a completely different look and I still wish I could see it again but alas and alack. The one done with more light just didn’t look the same at all.

I think I love just how these pieces play within themselves as much as actually making them. How many different looks can one piece give me? What is the play of light with it? How does the myriad of angles change it?

Well, this is enough fun for right now. Must go sand and paint, but will be back to another piece shortly.



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3 thoughts on “… And the Not Ugly

  1. My realtor asked me to arrange my books by size… can you imagine? What’s next? by color?
    Glad you’re keeping your hands busy, so you don’t succumb to the urge to strangle the realtor.


  2. Ours wanted all of them out of the house. She didn’t quite get that but I would have happily arranged them by size, laughing all the time.


  3. This is really impressive!


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