Glitter and Stars Everywhere

I am like a fly drawn to that dangerous light. Must go despite even knowing potential danger.

Yes I was at Hobby Lobby and of course I never not look at ribbon and Christmas ribbon – who can resist?

Alas it is beautiful, and shiny, and glittery. As in tiny bits of glitter all over.

Oh well I wanted to make a glittery Christmas stars and so decided on my own rotation of colors and would wait to see what would happen. Alas when one works with shiny ribbon it is hard to see edges so it takes a bit more time to do it and a bit of frustration, but oh! the rewards.

First two layers done and can you see any sort of pattern? or anything not just a mess of confusion?

First two layers done and can you see any sort of pattern? Or anything not just a mess of confusion?

So I got the first two layers in without any mistakes or at least ones that you discover after the fact. Doesn’t look wonderful and rather confusing but on we will plow. The third layer is going in. Line by line. When over a bit I discover yes there is a problem.

Can you find the mistake?

Can you find the mistake?

The problem is that I basically understand the third layer in the star pattern. I should by this time having done it many times. But when you notice what I saw there – what is one to do? I gently pulled out the ribbon from between the rest back to where I thought the problem was and reinserted it. Alas looking at it again it was still a problem child. So had to pull it out even farther back. Rethink what was happening and where it should be. And try again. Thankfully third time on that ribbon made it to the correct crossings.  So now, I can go on to the finish.

Competed star piece.

Competed star piece.

So what was this pattern if the urge to repeat it comes? I repeated in each layer 1 green, 1 silver, 2 green, 1 silver, 1 green, 1 red, 1 silver, 2 red, 1 silver, 1 red. I think it would be interesting to do it again but change where I start the pattern on the third layer and see how the stars differ. Alas that will be some time away as, did I mention glitter with this? Yes I have glitter everywhere that came off this ribbon. It is all around where I worked on this but the worse is that it really loved clinging to my pad.

Must get all this off before my next piece. Can anyone cry with me?

Must get all this off before my next piece. 

Boy is the next step not going to be fun. Wonder how much tape I will go through trying to coax that glitter to the trash.

Do wish I could photograph this better for the memory, but I shan’t forget this piece any too soon.


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2 thoughts on “Glitter and Stars Everywhere

  1. Try a lint roller… I would have gone blind trying to do that. I never did see your mistake but I was seeing stars … lol


  2. I will have to see if I can find my lint roller. The mistake took me two rows beyond it before I saw it. and yes you do see stars and your eyes go buggy doing these type of ribbons.


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