My CHH Purchase

Each year Contemporary Handweavers of Houston has a sale. The last two I have actually entered things into it. I think I did better this year than last but still have a ways to go to really feel like I have spectacular entries. But that isn’t what this post is about. You see, the last four years as I have gotten to go to the sale, I have bought one item made by someone different each year that is my item for the year. Now I wish I had recorded them each time but alas and alack for hindsight.

This year as I perused the tables and walls and hanging racks, I was wondering what I would get and would fit the budget. I do have some parameters I try and work within and so after several passes around the two rooms, I settled on a piece that is somewhat surprising. It was a table runner by Marian Carlson.

Perfectly fits my table

Perfectly fits my table

Now those who know me well, know that these are not my favorite colors. I do have an aversion to yellow. But I also do not have much of anything that is fall colors and thought this would be great for a fall table. It fits perfectly (as I like my table runners to look) so you would think she made it just for me.

An added bonus I didn’t notice until I laid it out on the table was that the edges have beads.

Beads in the twisted fringe

Beads in the twisted fringe

Such a nice touch right along the top of the fringe. This was not a quick addition to the runner. As I like adding beads to pieces this was a bit of icing on the cake. Now for the first time I have a fall table and need to go find the turkey napkin holder to put with it.


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4 thoughts on “My CHH Purchase

  1. Excellent purchase. It looks great.


  2. Nice choice. Practical and appropriate with the right touch of sparkle. Have a happy Thanksgiving dinner.


  3. The runner looks great on your table. such a contemporary look.


  4. That was one of my favorite pieces!


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