The Condo Shawl

Well right after the new year I went with a friend to Yarnorama in Paige to check out the new year sale. I found some yarn that I liked. It was called Silky Wool and was 45% wool, 35% silk, and 20% nylon. It was on the clearance shelf (always a plus when you find something you like) and was 20% off. So I bought four, each a different color that went together well. They were 50g each.

Ok, enough of the dry stuff. I then had a time finding a project to use it. I did get a crochet magazine for half price the same day but I just wasn’t getting with the projects in it. I actually really bought it for the article on crochet hooks and the differences in them and why. That was a big help as I have always wondered why all the differences. I did learn one bit that I like for my hooks so now if I buy more I know what I will look for.

My really good ball.

My really good ball.

Now this is the project I did mention in my last post. It did not start well at all. But in getting it going, I decided to do each group of rows in a different pattern. Now the yarn was in skeins, as it turned out. Oh the joys of making balls, not! But by the fourth one I had saved a toilet roll and rolled it up like a nostspindle and it actually went pretty well, and I was proud of it. You can see in the back the other colors and the shawl in process waiting for this lavender color to join it.

As I progressed with this “simple pattern” about half through it I figured out one of the things I wasn’t getting and also that you couldn’t just use the graph to do it as you were suppose to be going down in crochet hook size after each group. Well, I did start doing it the new way but still think if I had done it correctly, then it would have gotten too small quickly. I had made it wider than the pattern said as it just didn’t seem big enough and am glad I did do that.

The back of the shawl

The back of the shawl

One thing I learned this morning is that light makes a big difference in how the colors look. This dimmer incandescent light is how I like the colors best the dark row has a deep burgundy look. I really absolutely love the look of it above and if you look close at it, you can see in the valleys where I figured out what I was suppose to be doing though I still don’t think I did it quite the way they wanted it done but it was closer than the lower rows. You were suppose to end up with decreases in each row and a nice little neck opening by the time you got to the top. Alas and alack. I was making this so not quite there.

From the front

From the front

This is more what it looks like in sunlight. The colors all wash out and my burgundy becomes a dark purple. Now the front was to have buttons down it. Alas and alack again. I ran out of my favorite color (guess which one?) and so one placket was grey and one row of the whatever color it is. The other side is lavender on the outsides and grey inside. I did decide though that it needed a way to close to stay on so looking at the leftovers. I decided to crochet a long string with all four colors. There was just a couple scraps of the burgundy one so that determined the length of the two ties. It actually looks nice, I think, and works well.

The end of the project

The end of the project

So we made it to the end of the project and this was all the yarn leftover. Also see what the poor shawl was suppose to look somewhat like. Guess I had just way too thin of yarn to really duplicate it as the picture. I am happy with how it did turn out, just need to remember not to let people know what it was supposed to be.



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