Baltic Style Inkle

I started this awhile ago and got discouraged as it just didn’t come out right. So then I just did it straight with the spotty look but boy were my selvedges ugly. Well, tonight I got back at it finally and studied the pattern once more and the ways of Baltic Style inkle weaving and tried again. Now I have one repeat of one really nice pattern. Alas the selvedges are still a bit on the uneven side but the pattern looks good. So now to remember how it works and continue on.

One repeat without a single mistake in it

One repeat without a single mistake in it

I needed to be successful at something right now and this is feeling good. Alas it is past bedtime so I better head that way instead of continuing though I might come back to it once I get ready. Once you’re on a roll it is hard to stop.

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3 thoughts on “Baltic Style Inkle

  1. Julia the inkle pattern is wonderful. It looks quite intricate. Your selvage swill get better as you get used to weaving the pattern. Don’t be afraid to pull the wefts in. Hopefully the weather will improve soon and we’ll all be happier.


  2. Julia,
    Hooray for perseverance! Glad you went back to it – it’s turning out nicely. I like to use two wefts when I weave (one yarn passing through from one side and the other from the other side) and find that the selvedges are more uniform then. Use a yarn that is half the thickness you are using when you weave with one. I leave loops at the edges when I change sheds, then carefully pull the loops in to the right width before you lay in the next weft passes.
    If you’re already working this way… then as Barb says, practice is the answer!


  3. Thanks for the advice. I will try it all. I haven’t done a lot of inkle weaving and need a lot more practice. So of course I picked a pattern that was harder. LOL. Checked what I have here and all the yarn is the same size. Will have to wait till next time in town to try and get some other and try the thinner two threads weft. So for now am just working on pulling those wefts in.


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