A Diversion

So I have this Monk’s Belt on the inkle loom. I am hating it. I don’t enjoy weaving it. I am trying to make myself just take it off and start over. Hasn’t happened yet. I so hate wasting yarn. It is bad enough to add loom waste to my big jar, but to just cut off so much which will be totally useless is hard to do. I am trying to at least use up the weft on the shuttle and then say I will cut it of. But as much as I’m not touching it, I probably should just chuck it.

But a diversion today. we finally took our anniversary trip a month late. First date we could get tickets for the train ride from Georgetown to Burnet with the Austin Steam Train Association. Actually, I think it was good that we had to wait this long as the bluebonnets have pretty much faded away and so it is not so crowded and they don’t need so many cars for all the people.

Waiting in Georgetown to board

Waiting in Georgetown to board

We got tickets for the adults only Rippling Stream. It was the last car of the train and you could only be in it if you had a ticket for that car. So no through traffic. We of course could walk through the others and up to the concession car near the front. Though with our tickets came some treats and drinks in our car.

A view of our car in Burnet

A view of our car in Burnet

The third window above was where our wonderfully comfortable seats and table were. It was for three people but only us two were at it. Mark got to stretch out. We could even stand off the back as we traveled which was a lot of fun.

On the back of our car, Rippling Stream, watching the track go away from us.

On the back of our car, Rippling Stream, watching the track pass away into the distance.

But the fibery part of our trip was a surprise. By the courthouse was what they called History Square. It had a town clock in the middle and a maze around the bottom. It laid out the history of Burnet County. You followed the trail and could read the history points and end up at the center by the clock.

HIstory Plaza

History Plaza

I of course had to run the maze reading as I went. I told Mark that it was fun. His comment while also watching the other kids was that it looked like kids did enjoy it. I of course said “Of course we do.” Now I did find two interesting blocks in the history.

Bertram wool and mohair production 1918

Bertram wool and mohair production 1918

Bertram cotton production 1928

Bertram cotton production 1928

These two blocks show what once was out on the pastures and in the fields around these parts. Wool, mohair, and cotton once reigned in Burnet County.

Had a great day and trip. Would love to do it again.

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5 thoughts on “A Diversion

  1. Sounds like a very fun trip.

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  2. You really have found a fun excursion. I want to ride that train. Amtrak is not so dependable… 🙂

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  3. Hmmm . . . I have a Monk’s belt design going on my Dorothy and I hate it, too. I seem to be the only weaver, ever, not to be able to make Monk’s belt work!


    • I always think of it as cousins with overshop which I love but there is more differences than I understand. I think I will be leaving it alone and stick to what i know I love … until something catches my eye. May need a guild meeting or workshop on it though before trying again.


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