I Gave Up!

I gave up. I don’t often give up. But this time I gave up. I really can’t believe it as I don’t like giving up and wasting things. But….

Yes I am talking about my last inkle band that was a Monk’s Belt pattern. Really the biggest problem that kept me from finishing it was that the pattern warp threads weren’t all evenly tensioned. After doing so many here lately, I blew it on this one’s tension. It was really getting frustrating to get the threads in the right place

But then another problem is that I just didn’t like the pattern. Now it was a very easy pattern. It was easy to memorize. But alas and alack I still didn’t like it. So finally the scissors came out and snip – it was all over.

The very short band

The very short band

Well, there it is in all its semi-glory. If you look closely you will see a mistake in there. And I’m not talking about the spaced area between the beginning and the main body of it.

One thing I will say for a pattern like this is that both sides can be the front. You really have about the same pattern going on both sides. When I went to take the picture, I had a bit of a time deciding which was the front till I noticed my space between the two sections. On the other side that spot has some long floats.

But where do I really want to cry in this?

Look at all that wasted warp

Look at all that wasted warp

I really hate waste and like to use up warps as far as I can possibly get them to go. So yes, I can cry looking at that warp sitting there that is too short to use on the inkle now. But never fear, it won’t end up in the trash. I will save it and once we get moved, it will be added to my thrums jar. Alas that jar is overfull. I think I need to find a thrums project that will use some up.

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5 thoughts on “I Gave Up!

  1. I feel your pain – do you do kumihimo? I would think that would be a good solution for your leftover warp threads. If you don’t do it, get yourself a foam disc and head over to http://friendship-bracelets.net/kumihimos.php and select a pattern that makes the best use of your warp colors…. I predict you will love it…


    • Lou, I haven’t tried Kumihimo. I did enjoy watching some do it at Art Camp. Kind of reminded me of watching bobbin lace with someone just throwing threads ever which way and a pattern coming from it. I may look into it as I’m sure I will never get through all these thrums otherwise.


  2. I hope, if you find a good thrums project, that you’ll share the idea here!


    • I will certainly add them to this. Hopefully in a couple of months, I will be caught up (yeah right) and will pull that jar down and experiment.


  3. I think all weavers come to a point in a “dog” warp of just cutting it off and starting fresh. I’ve heard more than one teacher advise getting rid of the frustration so you can move on. And who knows, there may be some inspiration for those thrums yet!

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