Mock Plaid Bag

We are moved alas my stuff is still basically in boxes awaiting its new home to be fixed up. A nightmare for my husband that I am taking pictures of and will have before and afters at some point. So little is being done in fiber except for one project that is taking time and needs to be done this week for its grand revealing. I so hope it comes round well and looks good. But more on that later for the memory bank.

The day the movers unloaded our things here in our little piece of heaven, a lady stopped by and turned out to be our nearest neighbor to the east. We talked a bit and she left us her phone numbers and then invited us in a week to come to her daughters graduation party so we could meet people and other neighbors around.

The day arrived and as neither my husband or I are good in crowds and especially ones we know no one in, we still debated going but decided we needed to venture out. Now I am not a natural at all with the abilities most have with such affairs, but I do know that it is proper to bring a gift. Though I also know what I like as gifts and think are nice most others wouldn’t. Yikes, what will we do? Not like I could just run to the store here unless you want something from Woodson’s Hardware and Lumber store or the Dollar store. So I went to my stash and pulled out this bag.

A warp from 6 years ago that was made into a bag.

A warp from 6 years ago that was made into a bag.

In 2009, I attended my first Contemporary Handweavers of Texas conference in San Antonio. One of the classes I was taking was on weaving with space dyed yarns. Now you could bring yarns to class to work with but I had none at home. So getting in before my first class on Friday, I visited the vendors immediately. At the Lone Star Loom Room booth they had a clearance shelf and would you believe – three cones of space dyed yarns. I quickly bought all and had my yarn for class. (Sorry to any one wanting to buy before class that day but alas and alack.) I learned how to use them that day and came home and warped up the prettiest one.

I love these colors and it came out so perfectly looking like a lot of hard work went into weaving this pattern. When actually all it took was keeping those weft bobbins in order and hoping you wound off enough for what you wanted to do. I did manage it. Yeah me!

So back to this month. I found this bag I made with some of the warp and as I thought it looked nice, I used it for a gift bag. Then I added a mug and coaster that we got as an extra when we made a purchase that hadn’t been used – ever. If you are ever in my house, you will quickly learn that tea cups and mugs are not in short supply. So that went in the bag along with an unopened bag of tea and we had a gift. Not really a re-gifted gift and we didn’t go empty handed which I think as I understand etiquette would be worse than nothing.

Gift ready to go.

Gift ready to go.

I am sure that she will never know that it was handwoven or that it was a favorite of mine that I let go. I just hope she thinks it is pretty, and that it is not her most hated colors.

I guess this is actually a good week for this post as the Contemporary Handweavers of Texas Conference is back around again at the end of the week. In the wee hours of Friday morning, I will be headed out to my fourth one.

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2 thoughts on “Mock Plaid Bag

  1. A lovely and thoughtful gift. Hope your neighbors turned out to be friendly.


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